Partial funding for PhD applicants under the scope of University funded projects

The partial funding of costs for obtaining the Recognition of Academic Degrees aims to support researchers who effectively demonstrate a high quality of research.

In the case of a degree awarded by a foreign higher education institution, and in order to guarantee the application of the principle of equal treatment of candidates holding foreign and national academic degrees, it is mandatory to recognize that degree and convert the respective final classification into the Portuguese classification scale.

In view of the financial difficulty of many candidates to cover the costs of the process, the Steering Committee of the Doctoral Programme in Civil Engineering (PDEC) has decided to support these researchers effectively with the partial payment of their degree recognition.

The decision to grant this support is the result of a process of analysis of the conditions established, provided by the researcher. Researchers who make false declarations, through inaccuracy or omission of data, will automatically be excluded from the process.

For the application is mandatory to send a Motivation Letter, stating economic difficulties in bearing the costs.


1) In the case of two the degrees need to be recognized:

  1. The candidate assumes the expenses regarding the recognition of the Bachelor Degree;
  2. The Doctoral Programme assumes the recognition of the Master’s Degree.
Performance indicators needed in order to be supported by this initiative

1) Candidate coming from an institution included in the list of home institutions on the page of the Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES) for application of recognition requests (

2) Academic Merit (AM): candidates with a classification equal or higher than 17/20 (AM seriation rules of Doctoral Programme candidates) 

3) Scientific Merit (SM) is based on the accumulated score in scientific publications with the following weights: 

  • Book (by international editor): 20 (thesis are not considered);
  • Chapter book (by international editor): 12
  • Publication in an ISI Journal: 10
  • Publication in a non-ISI Journal: 6
  • Publication in a National Journal: 2
  • Publication in an International Conference: 3
  • Publication in a National Conference: 1

Only candidates with AM>=17/20 and SM above the values indicated in the following table (that depend on the candidate’s age) will be accepted: 

Candidate’s age
Scientific merit (>=)
Papers in ISI journal (>=)

Per year, the Doctoral Programme will fund no more than 3 applicants. The supported candidates must be registered in our Ph.D in Civil Engineering at the financing stage, and assume the compromise of participating in the immediate FCT Call for Ph.D. Studentships.