The Institute for Sustainability and Innovation in Structural Engineering is a newly formed Unit involving the Structural Divisions from the Civil Engineering Departments in the Universities of Coimbra and Minho. Additional members from other eight universities create a national network.

The Unit aims at creating a leading cluster in Structural Engineering, with capacity for top quality R&D+I and future attraction of other highly active researchers. Therefore, outstanding fundamental and applied research is the driving force for ISISE.

The main objective of the Unit is to increase the structural performance of Civil Engineering Works, from a perspective of advanced technology, innovation and a knowledge based economy, allowing to make a connection from Materials to Life Cycle Performance. This approach includes aspects such as advances in experimental and numerical techniques, product development and technology transfer to the industry, durability and reliability, recycle, reuse, conservation and strengthening, and condition assessment.

The Unit is organized in 3 Research Groups: a) Historical and Masonry Structures, b) Steel and Mixed Construction Technologies, and c) Structural Concrete.


The Centre for Territory, Environment and Construction (C-TAC) is a R&D unit of the School of Engineering of University of Minho, recognised by the Foundation for Science and Technology. It’s activities are developed within the campi of Guimarães and Braga and using important laboratory facilities. The Unit has differenciated laboratory facilities designed to provide a dynamic and practical-educational environment for construction technology, soil testing, hydraulics, materials, GIS, and transport infrastructures, supporting technology transfer for the community.

C-TAC is organized in two groups: a) Sustainable Construction (SC) and b) Territory and Environment (TE). From 2011 the Group of TE was split in two: b1) Transport and Energy Infrastructures (TEI) and b2) Planning, Environment and Water Resources (PEW). This division strengthens the group activities and allows achieving excellence in more focused areas.

The Unit focused its activity around the main area of Sustainable Development supported by a knowledge-hub focus on geotechnics, pavements, environment, transport, water resources, spatial planning and construction.


The Laboratory of Structures (LEST)

LEST is the Structures Laboratory of the Civil Engineering Department at University of Minho, Portugal, specializing in testing of structures and soil foundations, and applied research services to support product innovation.

Civil Engineering Pedagogical Laboratory

This Laboratory is an initiative of the Civil Engineering Department (DEC), assuming itself as a support laboratory for DEC's pedagogical activities. This laboratory aims to support both study and teaching, and the development of innovative solutions that promote more creative, collaborative and inclusive learning.

Building Physics and Construction Technology Laboratory (LFTC)

The Building Physics and Construction Technology Laboratory (LFTC) belongs to the Civil Engineering Department (DEC) of University of Minho (UMinho). LFTC is also integrated in the Institute for Sustainability and Innovation in Structural Engineering research center (ISISE).

Hydraulic Laboratory

The mission of the University of Minho's Laboratory of Hydraulics is to develop pedagogical activities to demonstrate the physical principles of fluid mechanics and river hydraulics. In addition, experimental works are developed as part of research projects.


Construction Materials Laboratory (LMC)

The Construction Materials Laboratory, created in 2002, is a unit of scientific research, technological development and services to the community of the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Minho.

Geographical Information Systems Laboratory (LABSIG)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) represent a set of methodologies and technologies that interact with different scientific and technological areas to play a fundamental role in regional and urban planning, as well as in the study and monitoring of the urban built environment.

Transportation Laboratory (LT)

The Transport Laboratory (LT) is part of the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Minho, in Portugal. In addition to its pedagogical mission, it offers specialized services in the area of transport infrastructure, mainly road: material testing and monitoring of the road network, eco-materials and innovative technologies; material and pavement modeling; road asset management; road safety and the environment.