International Women's Day 2021

The Student Commission of the Doctoral Program in Civil Engineering (PDEC) of the University of Minho celebrated the International Women's Day by carrying out some activities. These included interviews with female students and postdocs and the organization of an online debate session on the role of women in science. The interviews focused on the path of the female researchers developing activities in research centres associated with the PDEC and the particular challenges they overcame to get here. The Commission believes that this sharing and debate of experiences can contribute to overcome some existing barriers and encourage greater participation by women in science. You can watch the interviews and the debate session on the links below:

Women In PDEC – Debate Session

Women In PDEC

Full interview Anjali Mehrotra

Full interview Elisa Poletti

Full interview Elisabete Teixeira

Full interview Jennifer D'Ann

Full interview Telma Ribeiro

Full interview Fatemeh Soltanzadeh

Full interview Susana Moreira

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