IV Workshop – PhD Students in Civil Engineering

May 9, 2018
Axis Vermar Conference & Beach Hotel, Póvoa de Varzim

Professor Margarida Casal – Vice-Rector of the University of Minho
Eng.º Paulo Silva – Assistant to the Vice-Mayor of the Guimarães City Council
Professor António G. Correia – Vice-Dean of the School of Engineering and Director of the Steering Commitee of the Doctoral Programme in Civil Engineering of the University of Minho

Chairman – Professor José Sena-Cruz
Professor Fernando Veloso Gomes | Four decades of research in coastal and port engineering at the Civil Engineering Department – Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto
Professor Luís Simões da Silva | Development of a component model for the cyclic behavior of steel joints


Chairman – Professora Manuela Almeida
Professor António Arêde | Experimental investigation on RC columns under seismic loading – Contributions
Professor Jorge Brito | Construction-related research themes – An overview

13h00 LUNCH

Chairman – Professor Paulo Pereira
Alexandre José Alves Jerónimo | Mortars for building interior coatings, incorporating nanotechnology, to prevent the development of fungi
António Pereira da Silva – A DSS for operational management of wastewaters under uncertain conditions
Catarina Brandão Araújo | Analysis of the investment availability in sustainable rehabilitation measures
Elisabete Rodrigues Teixeira | Eco-efficient concrete incorporating biomass ash as cement
Francisco Emanuel Cunha Soares | Risk factors affecting pedestrian behavior: Risk assessment in virtual environment
Iran Gomes da Rocha Segundo | Photocatalytic, self-cleaning and superhydrophobic road pavements
Jorge Emanuel Pereira Fernandes | Portuguese vernacular architecture: assessment and contribution towards a sustainable building environment
José Amarílio Soares Dias Barbosa | Sustainable cities. From theory to practice
Mona Jabbari | Combining multi-criteria and space syntax analysis to assess a pedestrian network: an application in Porto (Portugal) and Qazvin (Iran)


Chairman – Professor Joaquim Barros
Ana Luísa Gonçalves Ramos | Stress path evolution in the ground due to railway traffic
Carlos Barroso | Vernacular heritage of the Entre-Douro-e-Minho: characterization, preservation and reuse
Christoph Fernandes de Sousa | Development of a multifunctional composite sandwich panel for the rehabilitation of building façades
João Nuno Duarte Fernandes | A vision about railway infrastructure management – application to bridges
Luís Carlos Martins da Silva | Analysis of out-of-plane loaded masonry walls using homogenization
Luis Luciano Gouveia Correia | Reinforced concrete slabs strengthened with prestressed EB CFRP laminates: durability, long-term behavior and particular issues
Luís Miguel Freitas Silva | Experimental validation of new solutions of brick masonry infill walls
Maxime Paul Verbist | Traditional carpentry connections – step joints design
Meera Ramesh | A multi-scale approach to the study of the effects of adding lime to cement in masonry mortars: from the micro-scale level to the structural level


10 de maio, 2018
Hall Central de Azurém – Campus de Azurém, Universidade do Minho

Adriana Santos | Usage of longitudinal models in predicting the degradation of road pavements in terms of network
Alban Kita | Innovative method for damage identification in earthquake-excited masonry constructions
Alberto Barontini | Bio-inspired structural health monitoring systems for civil engineering structures
Ali Dalalbashi Esfahani | Effect of test setup on the fiber-to-mortar pull-out response in TRM composites
Ana Neves | Synergistic strategies for the simultaneous extension of service life and maximization of waste incorporation for ultra-sustainable marine concrete structures
António Marinho | Optimization of information and knowledge management throughout the life cycle of a construction project
Antonio Romanazzi | Seismic protection of rammed earth heritage based on a compatible strengthening technique
Behzad ZahabiZadeh | Development of intelligent and multifunctional materials for additive manufacturing process
Chandan Gowda | Use of NSM CFRP for torsional strengthening of thin walled tubular RC structures
Cristina Frazão | New construction systems in concrete reinforced with recycled fibers
Daniel Bragança | Normative document: for collaborative sharing of safety information using BIM
Dmytro Maslov | Innovative monitoring strategies for multifunctional artificial reefs
Fabio Solarino | Analysis of retrofitting solutions to enhance the seismic performance of horizontal diaphragm to wall connections in historical constructions: a rocking approach
Farideh Baroghi | The role of mega-events in sustainable urban transformation and urban quality promotion
Filipe Matos | Seismic behavior assessment of CLT buildings applying current regulation approaches
Georgios Karanikoloudis | Risk management applied to cultural heritage buildings. The effect of soil settlements and vibrations induced by underground structures
Hélder Figueiras | Viability of rail transport in medium-sized cities and low population density
Joana Gonçalves | Multicriteria methodology for decision-making in built heritage rehabilitation
João Almeida | Innovative and sustainable masonry strengthening system for the rehabilitation and improvement of urban resilience
João Coelho | Alkali activation of mixtures based on steel slag and fly ash
Jorge Rocha | Behaviour of structural glass reinforced with CFRP and hybrid materials
José Ricardo Cruz | Multi-scale investigation on durability and long-term behavior of concrete structures strengthened with CFRP laminates according to the EBR and NSM techniques
José Ximenes | Self-compacting and draining concretes for pavements
Leidy Baron | Integration of social interaction in the modeling and simulation of pedestrians' movement in urban environment
Leonardo Rodrigues | Robustness of multi-story timber buildings in seismic regions
Leslie Alejo | The effect of horizontal diaphragms on the seismic behavior and analysis of existing masonry buildings
Luís Gonçalves | Resilience in urban mobility
Luís Pinto Matos | Development of innovative railway precast sleepers and slab track modules
Manuela Silva | Stress-strain response of soft soils stabilized with alkali activated industrial by-products
Maria José Morais | Multi-level system for preventive conservation and management of built heritage: the HeritageCare approach for Southwestern Europe
Maria Pia Ciocci | Influence of timber floors on the seismic behaviour of URM structures
Rafael Ramirez | Long-term performance and durability of bond in FRP-masonry systems
Sérgio Soares | Concrete elements produced with seawater and reinforced with GFRP rods for maritime environment
Telma Ribeiro | Conservation of earth heritage: an approach for a new methodology
Tiago Valente | Advanced tools for design and analysis of fiber reinforced concrete
Worajak Janwaen | A new technique for the confinement of rectangular cross section reinforced concrete columns


mais informações: sec-phd@civil.uminho.pt

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